Friday Five

1. Last week was really hard. I had to put down Sunni. We had Sunni since he was a baby. He lived to be almost 27 years old.

So sad to lose a beloved pet that was like our son.

RIP Sunni Bug.

2. Also being a parent isn't for the weak of heart. We've been having issues with our teen. Let's just say I so want to tweet the vaping companies how evil they are. The lies the tobacco company tell teens that vaping is 'safe' and harmless are all LIES. Not sure how to deal with this one. It's been really hard.

3.  Been battling a really bad cold this week. Teen's been out with walking pneumonia. Hopefully we'll all be feeling better next week!

4. Been reading. 

Orphan Spy Monster by Matt Killeen

This is an intriguing, nail biting tale of a Jewish blond blue eyed teen who infiltrates a Nazi all girl boarding school during WWII.

5. Once Upon a Princess by Christine Marciniak

I'm a huge fan of royalty and this story is perfect for fans of THE PRINCESS DIARIES. I…

Friday Five

1. Teen's been sick this week. So I've been to the doctor's office, plus finding out one med for his inflammation of the lungs wasn't covered by our insurance. We have pretty good insurance, so this surprised me.

The cost? $300.

My reaction:

Up date: After waiting two days, doctor was able to chose another inhaler at a more reasonable price.


2. Been working on romance. Took a scene to my weekly critique group. Was told that my voice still feels YAish. My protagonist sounds more like an 18 year old and not a 22 year old.

Need to read more New Adult/Chick Lit books. Have less snark.

So guess what I've been reading?

3. AFTER YOU by Jojo Moyes

I have to admit I didn't like the first book ME BEFORE YOU. Why? Because I felt that the love interest was so selfish when he still decided to go through with assisted suicide even after he falls in love with Louisa.

Then I read the second book and totally loved the voice and the journey of Louisa after Will's death.…

Friday Five

1. This week had it's highs and lows. **A typical week for me!

I ended up getting a rejection for CANDLE, but still have it out with numerous small press pubs and one agent.

**This is my mantra: Never, ever, ever give up.

Then I got this review for CROSSED FIRE:

The story is imaginative and well written. You relate to these teens and their lives. Each has their own unique personality that enhances the story. Stephanie and Dylan are adorable together and entertain you in this tale. Cura is quirky and captures your heart with her optimism and cheer. Hillary you just love to loathe and you do feel for at the end but not enough to think her adventure will change her attitude..Dr. A is just as awesome as ever and the plot is fun, quirky and entertaining with just enough descriptive writing to give you and understanding and keep you in the story but not enough to have you yawn and want it to end..Do hope we get more of these fun characters and their adventures especially now that it is a…

Crossed Fire by Kim Baccellia Blog Book Tour

Today I'm over here:

Ten Things You Didn’t Know About the Author When I was six years old, my mother entered me in the San Francisco Chronicle’s Junior Art Championship. I won honorable mention. I thought it was really cool as they sent me the ‘key’ to the San Francisco zoo, which was shaped like an elephant. **I don’t have that key anymore, but I wonder if I still have lifetime membership to that zoo. I had a pen pal in England that I wrote to when I was in high school. Her name was Cheryl and she lived in Wolverhampton, England. We both were madly in love with David Cassidy. Cheryl’s the first to the right in this photo. My first concert was at a Jackson Browne concert. It was billed to benefit an alliance against nuclear power.

Crossed Fire Book Blog Tour

This week is my book blog tour! Follow and leave comments for a chance to win an ebook of CROSSED FIRE and a print copy of CROSSED FIRE! I'll also throw in some swag and other goodies!

Here's my schedule:

he Tour:
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Friday Five

1. Wednesday was my birthday! To celebrate my birthday week I'm giving away three print copies of CROSSED FIRE over on Goodreads!

**Here's the link! January 31st is the last day!!!!

2. My excitement of the week had to be when I tweeted how I was looking forward to seeing JUMANJI. I never thought in a bazillion years The Rock would actually tweet me back!

3. Thinking I might tweak my revision and make it more mainline fiction. I've been branching out with my writing with a romance and memoir. It's always good to go outside your comfort zone!

4.Books I've read:


Speaking of memoirs, this one deals with a teen living in 1990s and finding out she's an undocumented citizen. If you know me, I have very strong feelings on this issue. It saddens me so much the current sentiment against immigration in our country which I personally feel is racist.

My YABC review:

Friday Five

1. Well, GODDESSES CAN WAIT ended up being #9 on P&E

**Ok, I know this is basically just a 'popularity' contest, but still it was nice to get an email with this!
2.  Next week's my birthday! And to celebrate, I'll have a Goodreads contest to give away three copies of my latest novel CROSSED FIRE:
3. Aren't these buttons cool? I had dawnjuddcreations made them for me.

In my series, CROSSED OUT, Stephanie calls herself a 'Rescuer'. She rescuers dead girls and helps guide them to the Otherside with talismans she makes that reflect their true selves.
4. Been working on synopsis for CANDLE IN THE WIND. Hope to do a quick read through it starting next week and plan to send off to an agent who requested it.
5. Finished reading book 2 in the Scythe series.
I reread the first book in the series and totally was ready for THUNDERHEAD. It's amazing with tons of twists and turns throughout.
Premise: In the future the world is perfect. There is no disease, war, d…