Friday Five

1. First, I want to share this amazing review I got:

Do you consider yourself “normal” or do you have exciting adventures, say with goddesses, for example? Even if you aren’t acquainted with gods or goddesses you can still have an adventure by reading Author Kim Baccellia’s latest novel GODDESSES CAN WAIT. And let me tell you, this author will take you on a wild adventure that you won’t soon forget.

Jordan Lake’s evening starts out dining with her family and best friend, Selena Garza, a simple family affair. Jordan is remembering her recent encounter with two Egyptian goddesses, that thankfully had a happy ending. Now, she just wants to be normal, if that is possible. When Jordan’s grandmother joins them for dinner with a gift for Jordan her life changes, however, and she soon finds herself on a flight to Paris, along with Selena and Jordan’s grandmother. Jordan is ecstatic. Images of Audrey Hepburn (her heroine), the River Seine, and macaroons dance in her head. But she also has an une…

Friday Five

1. Sorry I didn't write a Friday Five post last week. Was busy finishing up copy edits on the sequel to CROSSED OUT! Can't wait for it to come out!

My sequel has more paranormal happenings and some spells. I had a lot of fun writing this one!

2. On the other news, got a couple emails with charges for things I didn't buy. One from a Staples in New Mexico for $322 and another one from the UK for $200. Had to get copies of my credit report and also put freezes on my accounts. I'm afraid someone might have opened a credit card in my maiden name.

Then to make matters worse, found out that Equifax had a mega breach. Even more fishy was that some executives sold stock right before disclosing what happened:

So will be watching accounts. Recommend that everyone at least get a copy of their credit reports to see if their credit has been compromised. Better safe than sorry.

3. Did get some mor…

Friday Five

1. Trying to get back into the swing of things since Mom's passing. I admit, it's been hard. Really hard. I miss how I could call Mom whenever I needed to talk to someone. She was there when I had to deal with my very difficult Mother-in-law. It really helped to know I had someone on my side whenever MIL would make her little passive-aggressive snips at me. Someone who saw the humor in situations that helped me not be so uptight. She also gave helpful advice when I found vaping stuff in teen's room.

Yeah, I miss her something fierce.

Work is moving fast on the sequel to Crossed Out. Mom really loved this book and I'm sad she'll miss reading it. I'm dedicating this book to her memory.

I wasn't able to attend younger brother's wedding as it happened on Labor Day but Mom's the one in the front with the purple shirt. She was always upbeat even when her diabetics tried to hold her back. She loved life and those around her.

2. Just got an email from publi…

Friday Five-On a Sad Note

1. **So sorry I haven't posted in two weeks, but the reason why was I lost my mother on August 3rd. I got a phone call that Monday, telling me that Mom's doctor wanted all of us to know that she had a slim if no chance to survive another surgery. Mom has been battling type 2 Diabetics since 1998. It finally caught up with her. Her organs shut down and she passed away at 1:26am.

I love this YouTube presentation my younger brother Brent Baccellia put together:

2. Her funeral was the following Thursday, so we went back up for the viewing and to help go through her things.

**One thing I learned is not to push doing this so soon after a funeral. It is almost too much for anyone, including me, to bear.

So I've been numb and feel as if I've been walking in a fog. I also haven't been wanting to write. I know though that Mom wouldn't like that. She was my biggest cheerleader.

Right now I'm taking it day by day.

3. Here's the funeral:

I'm on the stands at the…


Review of Goddesses Can Wait

Jordan is recovering from her harrowing adventure going head to head with the Egyptian goddess Hathor, and a trip to Paris is exactly what is needed.  After all, Paris is the most Audrey Hepburn place on earth.  Jordan and her best friend accompany Jordan’s grandmother across the Atlantic so that grandmother Lake can rediscover her past away from the grip of Hathor’s magic.  Unfortunately for Jordan, that could mean more enchanted objects and more goddesses.  And more goddesses is exactly what Jordan gets. Jordan meets the man of her dreams, but she finds that instead of a summer fling, she experiences a Freaky Friday body swap with the Greek goddesses Aphrodite.  Meeting famous Greek mythological characters like the muses and Ares.  Jordan has to get her body back, but that means trapping a escaped goddess, and that is never easy.

I definitely felt Goddesses Can Wait met and matched the quality and fun of book one, No More Goddesses.  Since I p…


Review of No More Goddesses

Jordan has a romantic heart and a deep love of everything Audrey Hepburn.  One day, Jordan discovers that her grandmother is keeper of a gorgeous bracelet and a secret: that one of Audrey’s roles, the main in Tessa’s Treasure, was based on reality, and this reality featured none other than a great aunt Jordan never knew.  What appears to be a lovely vintage bracelet, reminiscent of all the romantic happenings of Audrey’s cinematic life, soon turns out to be very un-fortuitous for Jordan.  The bracelet has the power to give love, which Jordan is at first fascinated by because she has her heart set on a certain boy she previously thought was out of her league. High school girls always love a good romantic story.  But this was before Jordan knew there was a vengeful Goddess, Hathor, eager to play around with the mortals in possession of her bracelet.  By the time Jordan realizes that the bracelet is not all fun and games, it was too late.  The bracelet was lock…

Friday Five

1. Yesterday GODDESSES CAN WAIT was spotlighted here:

Today I'm here:

PLEASE comment for a chance to win signed copies of both books in the Myth & Mayhem series, some fun swag, and a cute Parisian bag!

2. This week's been a roller coaster of emotions.  Mom is back in the hospital. She had surgery and has been in pain. Send positive healthy vibes her way.

3. Been working on tightening this revision. So far a third of the way done! I hope to just concentrate on it in August.

Did get an email from an agent that started off with...Okay, I'm hooked. I would be honored to read the remainder of this work.

4. Almost done reading THE DISAPPEARANCES by Emily Bain Murphy

A paranormal twist set during WWII.  Loving the voice and premise of a town that has disappearances every 7 years and the girl they blame for being the …